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Could these be the coolest Columbo videos of all time?

A couple of years ago, while trawling through YouTube for Columbo videos to share on my @columbophile Twitter account, I stumbled across an absolute gem created by YouTube user ‘ohonemorething’.

Entitled Just One More Inception, it’s described as ‘A Columbo Inception trailer parody’. What that doesn’t tell you is that it’s 2-and-a-quarter of the best video minutes you’ll ever spend.

Just One More Inception is 2-and-a-quarter of the best video minutes you’ll ever spend.”

I was very sad to see that the video was subsequently removed from YouTube sometime in mid-2015. I thought I’d never again enjoy its sweet, sweet portrayal of the greatest TV show of all. But help was at hand.

This time I put a plea for assistance via the columbophile Facebook page in late March 2016. And one of the canny page followers was able to point me in the right direction to its location elsewhere, so I can now share it merrily once more!

Featuring clips from several legendary episodes, including Murder by the Book; Death Lends a Hand; Etude in Black; Double Exposure; Now You See Him; Troubled Waters and A Stitch in Crime, the video entirely succeeds in making Columbo look like the coolest show of all time for today’s audience.

The clips used have a cinematic quality about them, all the big names are here, and there are some of the series’ very best lines included. The whole piece has been edited together very professionally, and seems to have been inspired by this trailer to Leo Di C thriller Inception.

“The video entirely succeeds in making Columbo look like the coolest show of all time for today’s audience.”

In short, it’s a great tribute to the show. And with talk of a Columbo reboot regularly circulating on the internet, it’s as relevant a view as it’s ever been.

My old Twitter friends may role their eyes that I’m playing that video again, but if you’re a fan of Columbo and you haven’t yet stumbled across this I’m certain you’ll love it. So click the image below, and enjoy… (note – will take you to an external site, but a perfectly OK one).

One More Inception

And if we’re talking honourable mentions, this one below is 1-minute of unadulterated Columbo joy! A TV promo from Japan, it’s got nice graphic touches and a catchy jingle which quickly catches in the mind: ‘Say the name…. COLUMBO!”

Before I go, here’s just one more video… This 80s TV promo for Murder by the Book is also rather wonderful. I’m certain you’ll enjoy it.

As always, I’d be happy to hear your thoughts. And thanks for reading. It means a great deal to me.

12 thoughts on “Could these be the coolest Columbo videos of all time?

  1. I ADORE Columbo, I’m a scriptwriter and love that character madly. I even wrote about some episodes on IMDb. And I have to admit; this is the best Columbo site ever. Some reviews are AMAZING! Though when it comes to his “coolest” video; it must be the Trailer of a TV channel named AXN Crime. It was on Youtube in 2010. Now I can’t find it anywhere though 😦

    • Gee whizz, thanks a million for those kind words. I really appreciate them. I do recall seeing that AXN crime video you mention some time ago. I’ve shared it before on Twitter, although lost track of it years ago myself. It’ll be out there somewhere no doubt…

      • ..Yeah, I wanted to put its link with my comment, though I couldn’t find it myself at all! Btw, I have 3 things for you. Firstly, a treasure I have on my YouTube channel; which is a fine BBC documentary about the show, hosted by Mark Billingham; the English mystery writer. That documentary has – OH MY GOD – all the main makers of Columbo, with really insightful look into the show, done nicely by a true loving fan. Here’s its link, I’m sure you will like it : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qWE8m3bV19o
        Secondly, a suggestion. What about a page on your beautiful site that concerns with the show’s plot holes, if there was any! I think you’ll have some very interesting entries from a lot of people about that. You know, from surprising defective points in the scripts, to obvious goofs in the image; things of that sort (I believe I do have a thing to mention about The Most Dangerous Match).
        Thirdly, a question. Is there a way to put a link for my reviews about some of the show’s episodes (the ones which are already published on IMDb) here on your own site ? Well, if it’s unacceptable, it is enough fun to be just a reader on your site; it’s smart, precise, and gleeful site. Ok, it’s like Columbo himself 🙂

        • I have never since this doco before so thanks for sharing. I will view with interest.

          Obvious spoofs / gaffes blog would be a good one for the future. I might put out word for some suggestions. Would the one from Most Dangerous Match revolve around why a deaf man wouldn’t notice that the vibrations from a huge machine had disappeared once it had been switched off? I think that’s a huge plot hole, personally.

          Thirdly, is there a link to a catalogue of your IMDB reviews anywhere, so they can all be accessed from a central page? If so, I could include in the Columbo resources page.

      • Thanks. Here’s a link to all of my reviews on IMDb. You can find, through the pages of the letter “C”, 3 reviews I wrote about Columbo. Plus, one about “Prescription: Murder”, in which I tried to analyze the character itself; since there is no separate page for Columbo as a series there.

        As for “The Most Dangerous Match”, it’s not about vibrations; which is crossed my mind though, it’s about a little moment, when the killer was using adhesive tape to sneak into the victim’s room, which I felt unnecessary, and the hotel’s maid could have noticed it so easily (originally, how did she managed to close the door while the tape was on ?!). Not to mention an obvious one about that big hospital which doesn’t have a proper medicines, so depends on the victim’s own medicines !! Well, I have never heard about that before, and the episode didn’t make it any convincing either. Anyway, I think you’ll have a swarming page concerning the plot holes issue; it is undoubtedly tempting. And when it comes to the 1980s and 1990s episodes, then it’ll be very tempting I’m sure. For example, I have a lot to say about “Columbo and the Murder of a Rock Star” 🙂

  2. I Just found your site recently and thank you! This is my comfort show. This is my obsession. I watch episodes all the time like an addict. My favorite, and one watched thousands of times, is Dead Weight. I use it a lot when I can’t sleep, then miraculously the sounds of the show (and the lines I know by heart) I fall asleep.

    • Hi Valerie, thank you for those kind words. I’m always glad to meet a fellow fan. I think you’re the first person I’ve come across who says that Dead Weight is their favourite!

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