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Who’s the best: Cassidy, Culp or McGoohan? You decide!


Amidst an ocean of talent, three Columbo guest star killers loom large above all others: the great triumvirate of Jack Cassidy, Robert Culp and Patrick McGoohan.

Between them they clocked up 10 appearances as Columbo killers, leaving 13 victims in their wake. And, deliciously, they all offered something very different from each other in terms of what they brought the series, and how they interacted with the Lieutenant.

“Most Columbo fans have a cut-and-dried favourite. They respect the work put in by the other two actors, but they love one above all others.”

But when push comes to shove, who stands tallest of all? It’s an almighty question, and one which I’m seeking your assistance on. Most Columbo fans have a cut-and-dried favourite. They respect the work put in by the other two actors, but they love one above all others. Maybe you’re the same? I know I am…

But without wanting to influence your thinking, here I set out the pros and cons of the ‘Big 3 Columbo killers’ (in alphabetical order – again no attempt to influence), and invite you to vote for your single favourite. Now’s the time to stand up and be counted. Now’s the time to nail your colours to  Cassidy, Culp or McGoohan mast forever

Jack Cassidy


Guest star appearances

  • Ken Franklin in Murder by the Book (1971)
  • Riley Greenleaf in Publish or Perish (1973)
  • The Great Santini in Now You See Him (1975)


  • Jim Ferris and Lily La Sanka – Murder by the Book
  • Eddie Kane (directly) and Alan Mallory (via hitman Eddie Kane) – Publish or Perish
  • Jesse Jerome – Now You See Him


Smooth, charming, intelligent, stylish and witty, a Jack Cassidy killer is the sort of guy you’d want to hang out with – even if you knew you were top of their hit list! And he was the absolute opposite of the scruffy Lieutenant Columbo. Jack knew how to live in real life, and his on-screen appearances in Columbo absolutely epitomise his zest for life. He made being a bad guy seem really fun!

Any weaknesses?

One could argue that Jack’s characters were all shades of the same colour. He essentially played the same character in different guises in each outing. When it’s so ruddy enjoyable to watch, though, you could consider that a strength. One has to assume that Jack would’ve had a fourth bite at the killer cherry were it not for his untimely and tragic death in 1976.

Robert Culp


Guest star appearances

  • Investigator Brimmer in Death Lends a Hand (1971)
  • Paul Hanlon in The Most Crucial Game (1972)
  • Dr Bart Keppell in Double Exposure (1973)
  • Jordan Rowe in Columbo Goes to College (1990) – NOT A KILLER


  • Lenore Kennicut – Death Lends a Hand
  • Eric Wagner – The Most Crucial Game
  • Vic Norris and Roger White – Double Exposure


Professional, brooding, calculating, intelligent and angry, a Robert Culp Columbo killer was always an extremely dangerous foe. No one did barely controlled rage better than Culp and he never seemed far from the edge. His contrast to the affability and fun of Cassidy have helped ensure his legacy will live forever amongst Columbo fans.

Any weaknesses?

Similar to Cassidy, you always knew what you were getting with a Culp bad guy: brooding menace and simmering rage. Again, those characteristics are so loved by viewers that it’s hard to consider them chinks in the armour.

Patrick McGoohan


Guest star appearances

  • Colonel Rumford in By Dawn’s Early Light (1974)
  • Nelson Brenner in Identity Crisis (1975)
  • Oscar Finch in Agenda for Murder (1990)
  • Eric Prince in Ashes to Ashes (1990)


  • William Haynes – By Dawn’s Early Light
  • ‘Geronimo’ / AJ Henderson – Identity Crisis
  • Frank Staplin – Agenda for Murder
  • Verity Chandler – Ashes to Ashes


No one played a Columbo killer more times than McGoohan – 4 times in total, but he was much less easy to pigeonhole than Cassidy and Culp. Consider the noble dignity he brought to By Dawn’s Early Light – a role that nabbed him an Emmy Award. Compare that to the bonkers role he played in Identity Crisis, and the power and confidence he showed in Agenda for Murder and here is a man who will not be typecast. His elocution and pronunciation made for delicious line delivery, never more so than in the below example.

Any weaknesses?

Arguably his penchant for eccentricity reared its head a few times too often, and that he was more interested in pushing the Columbo character out of his normal confines than was really good for the show (McGoohan also directed several episodes, see). But in terms of delivery, he rarely put a foot wrong.

Who’s da greatest?

All three actors can reasonably stake a claim to be the best, and the most quintessential killer of them all. But only one can carry the fans’ vote. So who’s your number one? Vote below!

And rest assured, I haven’t forgotten the sky-high calibre of the other killers. I’ll run a future poll about who is the single most popular guest star killer of them all, and I’ve also run past articles that may be of interest:

Happy reading, thanks for voting, and I hope to see you again soon!


18 thoughts on “Who’s the best: Cassidy, Culp or McGoohan? You decide!

  1. Jack Cassidy was superb-his voice, that sly yet charming face and that ego(that was usually his undoing)-had he only recognized his own talent instead of belittling himself because(like so many)he couldn’t make it on the big screen- if he’d lived he could’ve been #1!
    As it stands, I consider Mr McGoohan as the best! His subtle cunning and meticulous attention to detail(love watching his preparation even more than completion of the crime)! And in the later episodes, his sense of humor to the point of almost stepping out of character-one of my favorite lines”I was much prettier then!”
    Robert Culp was good but he became too anxious too impatient!
    And while Dick Van Dyke(outstanding in a complete change of pace), like many-including me sometimes- would lose their tempers, I believe Robert Conrad holds the title for getting Columbo to completely lose his temper!

  2. I wouldn’t exactly say that every Culp villain was filled with simmering rage. Brimmer and Hanlon were, but Dr. Keppel is as smooth and charming as Jack Cassidy usually was. He doesn’t even really start to get pissed at Columbo until the episode is almost over, and then only when Columbo starts spoiling his golf game. (In fact, considering how suave Keppel is and how snappish Greenleaf gets in “Publish or Perish,” I kind of wonder if Culp and Cassidy switched scripts.)

    I can’t answer the original question yet, since I’ve only watched the show halfway through Season 4, so the bulk of McGoohan’s work still lies ahead of me. Between Culp and Cassidy, however, I have to give the edge to Cassidy. I find it significant that my favorite performance from Culp (as Dr. Keppel) is the one where he plays it very similar to how Cassidy does. I guess that’s how I like my Columbo killers: cold and ruthless on the inside, genial on the outside.

    • Final verdict: Cassidy by a hair. McGoohan gave some really tremendous performances (he earned both his Emmys, and “Ashes to Ashes” would have been significantly less fun if basically any other actor had done the part), but Jack Cassidy is who I think of when I think of a Columbo killer.

  3. to me it had to be jack cassidy even though McGoohan and Culp are great too, but there is something about Cassidy, the archetype of the icy cold killer with good manners and a good sense of humour (to a certain point though, ask miss La Sanka). i think, after one tv film and a great pilot with lee grant, cassidy and peter falk definitely help “Columbo” be genre-defining.

  4. Based on who came closest to “defeating” Columbo in “Now You See Him”, Cassidy is #1. 1 Mistake. That was it.

    In terms of Menace, Culp easily is #1.

    In terms of depth, as Riley said, McGoohan easily is #1. “Identity Crisis” is gold.

  5. I went for Cassidy, he had some character and humour about him compared to the others. Bob Culp was ruthless and Pat McGoohan was like a machine and had no charisma. Jack for me….also the fact his father was Irish! Actually McGoohan also had a close affiliation to Ireland too, spent a lot of time here as a child.

  6. Goodness – which of your children do you love the most? But on balance I’d say Cassidy – all his episodes are classics and in different ways.
    Culp had a dud episode in Most Dangerous Game and Ashes to Ashes was poor for McGoohan – though they were brilliant in the other episodes.

  7. What a difficult choice! They are my three favorite male killers. I could watch their episodes over and over! Thanks for all the effort you put in to making this so interesting and fun..

  8. McGoohan brought more depth and diversity to his roles, i especially loved his Colonel Rumford, who seemed to be such a brooding and troubled man.

    But for sheer entertainment and charisma it has to be Cassidy for me.

    I enjoy Culp too, particularly in Double exposure. That scene on the golf course is one of the highlights of the entire series

    Could i suggest maybe a poll for favourite female killer? My vote on that would go to Kay Freestone!

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