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‘Tis indeed the season to be jolly, if you’re a fan of the good Lieutenant, after a kindly online store owner has made a special offer on her range of Columbo wares.

Lorna Reid, who runs the UK-based Twisted Kiss Etsy store, is offering a 15% discount on any purchases made over 9.99 until 31 December 2016. Simply enter the code COLUMBOXMAS16 at the point of purchase. HURRAH!

It’s a very striking design and is emblazoned across a range of splendid items including, but not limited to, men’s and ladies’ t-shirts, hoodies, wallets, iPhone case, mugs and messenger bags. Plenty of choice for the Columbo fan in your life! Some of the wares are on display below. View the whole range, and order online, here.

xmas-waresSo, my sincere thanks to Lorna Reid for her kind offer, and if you’re active on Twitter do give her a follow. Her handle is @SketchStone.

If you need further Columbo Christmas inspiration, there’s a wider range of exciting items to consider right here – featuring books, posters, board games and MORE!

Happy shopping and, of course, a very happy Christmas if I don’t hear from you beforehand.

Columbo Tuba

The Christmas offer is worth making a song and dance about…


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