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Who is columbophile?

I am just a Columbo super-fan, who loves the character of Lieutenant Columbo and the charm brought to the role by Peter Falk. I started the @columbophile account on Twitter in 2011 and was delighted by the positive response, and the enduring love the world still has for the show.

When I’m not watching the show, or discussing the show with the Columbo community on Twitter, or adding pics to the Columbophile Instagram page, or adding to this blog, or reading Columbo books, or expanding my collection of Columbo memorabilia, or updating the Columbophile Facebook page, or walking my Basset Hound, I live a quiet life with my family in Sydney, Australia.

Relatively few people in Oz are aware of the greatness of the program, which is why social media has been such a revelation to me in getting in contact with fans across the world. If you’re a fan of Columbo, or of Peter Falk in general, I’d love to hear from you! I hope you enjoy this site, and I’m always happy to receive feedback – as long as you don’t use language that would upset Mrs Columbo. She cries easily, you know…

Contact columbophile

As well as through the social media links above, you can always leave comments on any page of the blog and I’ll pick them up in due course.

If you’ve got ideas for future articles, or if you have any Columbo-related products (e.g. t-shirts, prints, bags, mugs) you’d like to make me aware of in a less open forum you can also email me directly.

I’ve also been interviewed on radio and for a Podcast talking about Columbo fandom, so if you’d ever like to chat about the show for something similar I’d be all ears.

PS – I don’t claim to own the copyright for the Columbo imagery on this site. I just want to share love for Columbo! Please don’t make me take it down…!

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43 thoughts on “About columbophile

  1. What a brilliant site this is, I am a massive Columbo fan and my sons and daughter (in their 20’s) know most of the episodes. I love your episode reviews, are you going to continue them?

  2. Watching an episode of Columbo on Cozi TV (cable channel in NYC) now, as I do every Saturday and Sunday evening. Thanks for this great Web site.

  3. Dear Columbophile, I’d be a sun of a gun, this is one gem of a blog! I’ve discovered it by chance about a month ago and have since read every single post. Just wanted to express my gratitude and respect for all the time and effort you put into this.
    Please do keep up the good work and be assured that there are probably a lot of us out there who truly admire it!
    All the best to you and looking forward to “reading from you” soon.
    Best regards,

  4. Thank you for this wonderful site! As huge Columbo fans, my wife and I bought a book “The Columbo Phile” at the Museum of Television and Radio in Los Angeles over 20 years ago. I must’ve read it a dozen times but that book is coming up on 30 years old. Your site is fresh with wonderful info about our favorite police detective! Thank you so much for creating it!

  5. I love this site! Great to see there are so many fans of Columbo out there. There will never be a programme like this, ever again, irrespective of any attempted re-boots, re-imaginings etc etc. Peter Falk was Sine qua non, nobody could replace him.

    Keep up the great work on the blog, I very much enjoy your writing and the angles from which you approach the different aspects of individual episodes. I have watched each episode so many times (perhaps not so much the very late ones – Undercover, no time to die etc) that I have developed my own views on pretty much every facet of the episodes – it is refreshing to hear somebody else’s!

  6. I’m a big fan of Columbo. I first watched the episodes in my language (Italian) when I was a child, mostly because as a kid I liked to watch tv with my dad, who was a huge fan of Columbo as well. In later years I rediscovered the series but in order to understand and enjoy it to the fullest I started watching it in the original. Almost every day I watch
    some clips from my favorite episodes. I’ve almost learned by heart some scenes from episodes like “every old port in a storm”.

    It’s amazing to discover blogs like this. I mean, I love the idea of a fan like you sharing with the world the passion for this great series and the works of Columbo in general. Keep up the good work. Alessandro

  7. I recently rediscovered Columbo on a local station that aired reruns on Sunday nights. I found that one a week just wasn’t enough and I went and bought the whole series. I had no idea that Colombo books even existed so once I’ve made my way through the series I can continue it through there. Thanks again for building this site, watching Columbo is like catching up with a dear old friend an this site has only added to my enjoyment of re-watching some beloved episodes and discovering some I had missed!

  8. Hey Columbophile. I watch Columbo over and over. But i just realised that I read and read and read again your comments and analysis about the episodes. Can’t wait for the next one to come. When it takes too long, you always have there funny ideas (like the worst dressed people). Anywauy, as a fan, your site is a real pleasure ! (sorry for my bad english again)

    • Receiving comments like this really makes my day, thanks so much. I’m working on review of Dagger of the Mind at the moment, which I hope will be ready to circulate within a couple of weeks.

  9. Hi there and thanks for all your hard work on this site! I have been searching for an episode which I remember as being brilliant (aren’t they all) about murder by “auto suggestion?” either in a stage production or a movie that is shown which persuades someone to a crime and Columbo uses similar process of suggestion to trap the bad guy and at the end I remember a plant pot where Columbo hangs out to finally nail the guy. Can you tell me the title of the episode, please… thank you in advance…

  10. My favorite has always been “Suitable for Framing”. I have an art background and love Dale Kingstons snooty descriptions of art and criticism, it’s a real hoot! I love his phony sophisticated accent. But of course the ending is the best! I’m a columbophile! By the way the painting at the end of SFF is also in Murder by the book in wife’s house!

    • I think there are a few paintings from the 70s series that reappear in later episodes! Totally agree about Suitable for Framing. Kingston’s performance at the art show was a RIOT! I could’ve watched a whole hour of it!

  11. Hey Columbophile, respect for the love of all things Columbo! I watch it all the time. One of the things I like most about the character of that he’s so non-judgemental, he treats everyone equally, whether a maid or a property magnate. I read your post about the new episodes. Personally I prefer the 90s one’s. Yes they were a little shtick but they were lighter hearted 😊 by the way have you heard any of the Columbo Podcasts. Two Scottish guys did them. Every episode, they’re good too. John

  12. Hey, Columbophile! I too am thrilled to find an active fanbase for Columbo and a dedicated curator such as yourself.
    Peter Falk was so gifted. His film roles in The In Laws and Wim Wenders Wings of Desire are inspired. In Columbo, he brings so much to every scene he’s in and the other actors (especially those that got to “play against type”) seem to really find another gear in their scenes with Columbo. There’s always great things happening on the screen.

    Oh, and one more thing…..Thank you for your efforts.

    • Gee whizz, you’re very kind. I’m very pleased you’re enjoying the site and I’m always blown away by the level of appreciation for the Lieutenant all over social media. Nice to know the show still has resonance nearly 50 years on.

  13. All that is watched at my house is Columbo, and of course, Barney and Friends for the little girl. The great thing about Columbo is that he so pleased with being a Lieutenant. He never wanted to be anything more. Solved so many cases but was a promotion in his sight.

  14. I’m so glad I found this blog! By 1971 (13 years old) I was just old enough to appreciate this brand new thing called Columbo and never missed an episode over it’s long run on the NBC Mystery wheel. Fast forward to recent years I “re-discovered” Columbo with all classic episodes on Netflix. In addition to being about the best mystery series ever produced, it just has this delightful way of taking me back to sweeter days. Every weekend I break out my cigars and travel back; remembering to take a good look around the detective’s familiar, simpler world of the ’70’s. Columbo has immense re-watchability; though I know what is coming I am still, to this day, surprised at details I missed. I could go on and on, of course, but just wanted to thank you for this site – I’m reserving time this weekend to catch up on all your reviews and extras.

    • I’m so pleased to hear you’re enjoying the site, and delighted to know it’s brought back some fond memories. Columbo is very good at that! Do let me know your thoughts on the reviews and other articles in due course.

  15. I appreciate his wonderful site, your well-expressed views & undeniable classic Columbo obsession, which I share & have nurtured for decades! I concur about the post-1989 episodes. I watch them on TV out of a sense or weird loyalty & an endless crush on the great detective, which induces eye-rolls with my husband. Some of them are fine watching. But NONE are of the elegant standard of the originals…

  16. I’m so glad this site exists. I grew up with Columbo (I’m 33 and from the UK) brings back great memories of being a kid at my gran’s house in the early 90s and Coluumbo was always on. My late gran adored this show and got to meet Peter Falk in 1977 when visiting the US. I love that the series is still repeated here and that I can come home from work, flop down and enjoy a classic episode. I don’t care how uncool that makes me. Big fan of Perry Mason and Kojak too. Love all the classic US crime shows from the 70s/80s.

    • I’m so pleased you like it, and really appreciate your kind comments. We’re about the same age and background and I also first encountered the show at a grandparents’ house. I don’t think it could ever be considered uncool to be a Columbo fan, could it? Particularly today in the retro-fuelled world we live in! A reboot will inevitably come along at some point soon, and they’ll we fans of the original series will be the coolest cats in town.

  17. I loooove this site. I love Columbo (not the 80s ones) so much. Can’t tell you how many times I have watched the episodes. Such a great idea to share your love for the great man. Good job.

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