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Sometimes you need a Columbo fix and it just ain’t possible to get it. You might be miles from your DVD collection or laptop, perhaps stuck on a train or waiting for a bus that’s aeons away. Or maybe it’s just too cold to get out of bed on a wintry morning, leaving you with only your phone for company.

That’s why I’ve created this page to be a central resource of Columbo videos. There are dozens of videos here, incorporating episode highlights, musical scores, interviews and more. With all this TV GOLD at your disposal there’s no excuse to be bored EVER again…

“With all this TV GOLD at your disposal there’s no excuse to be bored EVER again!”

Hit play on any of the videos below for a guaranteed good time!

Columbo episode highlights

One of my favourites here: compilation of 7 classic Columbo ‘gotchas’. Includes How to Dial a Murder; Deadly State of Mind; Negative Reaction and Exercise in Fatality.

2. LIQUID FILTH! Savour Adrian Carsini’s delightful eloquence and flash of rage over dinner in Any Old Port in a Storm.

3. Everyone loves this one! Columbo’s legendary hill fall from 1972’s Greenhouse Jungle.

4. Brilliant stuff! Columbo and Dr Flemming’s ‘hypothetical’ murder conversation from Prescription: Murder.

5. Montage of scenes where Columbo introduces himself to people. Features every episode. Strangely compelling!

6. The awesome, ad-libbed live cookery scene from Double Shock. One of the best TV scenes ever filmed!

7. Mrs Peck screams at Columbo after he puts his cigar out in an antique silver platter in Double Shock.

8. Columbo addresses the ladies’ lunch in Try & Catch Me. A really great scene!

9. Columbo gets a makeover from Daryl in Old Fashioned Murder.

10. Columbo cracks an egg on the murder weapon in Suitable for Framing!

11. Columbo gets mistaken for a homeless man in Negative Reaction. Priceless!

12. Columbo terrorises Larry Storch’s highly strung driving instructor in Negative Reaction.

13. Columbo takes to the stage to test the lock-picking skills of the Great Santini in Now You See Him.

14. Glorious closing scene of the otherwise dire Last Salute to the Commodore as the Lieutenant rows off to meet his wife at the Yacht Club.


15. Mrs Chadwick mistakes Columbo for home help and insists he carries in her luggage in Lady in Waiting.

16. Columbo meets Nora Chandler and makes her speak to cousin George in Requiem for a Falling Star.

17. Columbo is busted trying on Inspector Lucerne’s outfit in Fade In To Murder. He’s utterly lovable in this scene!

18. Columbo plays Chopsticks at the Hollywood Bowl in Etude in Black.

19. Small collection of Columbo car prangs…


Columbo TV promos

  1. 3-min trailer for the Columbo series on DVD.

2. Very cool 1980s TV promo for Murder by the Book.

3. Outrageously fun 1-minute TV promo from Japan!

4. 30-second TV spot on MeTV.


Columbo soundtracks and music

  1. Brilliant selection of tracks from the pilot episodes and Season 1, including themes from David Grusin, Gil Melle and Billy Goldenberg from episodes including Prescription: Murder; Ransom for a Dead Man; Dead Weight; Lady in Waiting; Suitable for Framing and more… 75 mins of pure Columbo goodness!

2. Billy Goldenberg’s iconic score from Ransom for a Dead Man.

3. Opening scenes and main theme from Ransom for a Dead Man.

4. Main theme from Murder by the Book by Billy Goldenberg.

5. Gil Melle theme from Death Lends a Hand.

6. The explosive opening scene and first minutes of Suitable for Framing. Amazing theme by Billy Goldenberg.

7. Opening scene and explosive murder from Short Fuse. Music by Gil Melle.

8. Oliver Nelson’s jaunty jazz-infused main theme from Greenhouse Jungle.

9. Gorgeously edited murder scene from The Most Crucial Game. Theme by Dick De Benedictis.

10. Clip featuring both murders from Stitch in Crime set against Billy Goldenberg’s chilling score.

11. Excruciating scene from Sex and the Married Detective where Columbo plays the tuba. Gee whizz…

12. He saw the light! Johnny Cash in action as Tommy Brown in Swan Song.

13. It’s LIQUID FILTH, but as you’ve never heard it before! A house song inspired by the classic Columbo line…

14. Clive Revill’s Joe Devlin warble away in the opening scene of The Conspirators.

The legendary Frank Sinatra Celebrity Roast

Peter Falk’s turn as Columbo at the Frank Sinatra Celebrity Roast is a piece of TV heaven. Part 1 below features the Lieutenant asking for Frank’s autograph for his wife – even revealing her name! Runs for 10 mins.

Part 2 features Columbo and Frank singing a little duet. Just 1 min 30 long.


Peter Falk’s Columbo Emmy Award  speeches

  1. Peter’s legendary and very funny speech from 1972 – the first of his four Columbo Emmy Award wins.

2. From 1975…

3. From 1976…

4. And finally, his last one in 1990…

Peter Falk Columbo interviews

Talking Exercise in Fatality with Johnny Carson in 1974.

Interview on British TV from 1993, includes reminiscences of working with ‘Dog’.


Columbo contributor interviews

  1. Fascinating! Suzanne Pleshette on the difficulties of filming Dead Weight because of Peter Falk’s run-ins with the studio.

2. Steven Bochco on his Columbo involvement

3. Columbo director Robert Butler on how Peter Falk was totally the boss on set.


William Link Columbo interviews

Columbo co-creator and producer William Link gave a fascinating series of interviews about the creation of the show and working with Peter Falk for the American Archive of Television a few years ago. Essential viewing!

  1. William Link on casting Peter Falk as Columbo.

2. Link on how Columbo came about.

3. Very interesting! Link on working with Steven Spielberg. Note – he confuses Jack Cassidy with John Cassavetes during this.

4. Link on Columbo’s unseen wife and whether or not she was supposed to be a real person in the early episodes.

5. Link on Columbo’s scruffy appearance and props.

6. Link on why Columbo is structured the way it is.

7. Link on the genesis of the Columbo character.


Miscellaneous Columbo videos

  1. Johnny Carson and co. spoof Columbo on The Tonight Show in 1975.

2. Columbo spoofs himself alongside the cast of Alias in this 2003 skit to celebrate ABC’s 50th anniversary.

3. A host of stars do their Columbo impressions for MeTV, including Ed Begley Jnr, Dick Van Dyke, Paul Reiser and Kevin Pollack.

4. Nice three-minute Columbo doco including interview footage with an elderly Peter Falk.

5. Fun snippet from British TV quiz show QI, where Stephen Fry reveals his love for Columbo.

6. Columbo runs out of luck in this skit from the Peter Serafinowicz Show!

7. Trio of sketches of Colambo – the sweet sheep detective from Sesame Street, who solves nursery rhyme crimes. These are super-cute!


Just one more video…

I’ve shared this particular video dozens of times, but I LOVE IT! A modern take on Columbo with excellent scene selection and moody music, it makes Columbo look super-cool to the 21st century viewer. Click the image to view…

Columbo Inception video

So there we have it! More Columbo videos than you can shake a stick at! If you’ve got a favourite Columbo or Peter Falk video not featured here, send me the link! I’d be happy to add it in.

Suitable for Framing

Sadly Dale Kingston’s lecture series has been expunged from the archives…